sarah cummins is a gay writer

She’s known all the world around by very specific people. If you asked 10,000,000 people at random if they knew who she was, a single one of them would. She has a blog on this expensive website that she was scammed for and she’s working on various writing projects which may or may not show up on here as well.

Look, maybe there are more things I can say about myself but I haven’t ever really liked doing that. I have self-esteem issues and these things compound in the winter. Maybe in the summer, when the air is golden and the setting sun beams down upon me above the Seattle skyline, I will feel content enough with myself to fully describe the kind of thing I’m interested in writing about. For example, the nature of unhealthy attachment, the lack of safety for people who need it most, the intense unconscious lying most of us do to ourselves to maintain a way of living we have never really lived.

This is the link to the blog.

You can also read her short stories and she’s always working on a novel:

Austin Powers 4 – License to Shag the Novelization (2020)

Waaaa!! – The Unfinished Novella

Ball Pit Party (coming soon.)